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IT specialist Julius Theisen still has a lot of plans!

Our ex-trainee Julius has just passed his exam with flying colors and found his spot in the company, but he already has new plans. He reveals how his apprenticeship went, what he plans to do next and what inspires and binds him to Deloro in this employee interview.

Saskia Schmitt: Congratulations on passing your exam as an IT specialist for system integration. Now you are a skilled worker with us, this is great!

Julius Theisen: Thank you very much!

But first things first: How did you actually get in contact with Deloro?


I did some research on the Internet to find out which companiesoffer this apprenticeship and then Deloro actually came up at the top. I then applied to about 20 different companies. My goal was to do an internship at every company I was interested in,and this was simply the place I liked best

Can you still remember your first day?

Julius: Sure! First I had a guided tour with Werner Gewald through the whole company and then I was allowed to disassemble a laptop. That was quite interesting, because the other companies didn't let you do anything at first. Here, I was allowed to lend a hand and was put to the test. I really liked that hands-on-approach. Then I was given more and more easy tasks and was allowed to spend the entire three days with Alex and Werner, my two colleagues in IT, and support them wherever I could.

And during the three days you realized, "Yes, this is the job I want to learn and it has to be at Deloro?“

Julius: Absolutely, I liked the broad spectrum of topics. At most companies you have an office job where you have a task and sit around and maybe program something. At Deloro, you get to go out to people, you have Industry 4.0, you can program and do IT support, whatever you like. There is enough to do and the jobs are very varied.

You shortened your apprenticeship from three to twoyears: What did you enjoy most during that time? And what didn't you enjoy at all?

Julius: Well, what I enjoyed most was that I was able to help people solve their IT problems every day, which were always different, and that I had to deal with lots of different people. Of course, when that didn't work out, it frustrated me for a moment.

Can you remember a problem where you first thought "This will never work..." and then it worked out?

Julius: It's often the case that you do some research and then it only works after a lot of trial and error. When I was programming a website in HTML, I had the problem that an error message came up all the time. I tried, researched and at some point it finally worked without errors. You think you've done something wrong and then it was just a small thing.

Was there also something that you didn't like? For example, constantly changing the toner for the people in administration or something like that?

Julius: I have to think about it... I can't think of anything offhand.

You have big plans for the future. Would you like to tell us about them?

Julius: Yes, with pleasure. I have continued working at Deloro for three months and supported the IT departement, and now I'm starting my studies in business informatics.

... and then hopefully come back to Deloro?

Julius: With pleasure! I would be happy to rejoin the team already as a working student!

... and then hopefully also afterwards as a studied computer scientist!

If you want to give the future trainees something to take with them, what would that be?

Julius: Difficult. I think everyone does well at vocational school, but you should start studying early for the exam. I was a bit late and had to really slog it out at the last minute. It worked out well, otherwise it would have been more relaxed.

What motivates you to come back to Deloro later?

Julius: Well, because we simply have everything: We have IT, Industry 4.0, mechanics, foundry, administration, everything here under one roof. It doesn't really get any better than that.

Thanks to Julius for the kind words and to Saskia for conducting this interview. We are exited to follow you onward & working together.