Plastic & Rubber

Plastic & rubber production parts are subjected to a combination of corrosion and abrasive wear that can quickly eat away ordinary materials. Stellite™ alloys help to reduce metal to metal wear and improve performance under poor lubrication conditions, tight running clearances and corrosive environments.
Alloys commonly used in the plastics & rubber industry are Stellite™ 1, Stellite™ 6 or Deloro™ 56. For this industry the alloys are typically supplied in cast, rod, MIG Wire or Powder form.

Deloro Wear Solutions manufactures cast components, hardfacing consumables, hardfacing equipment and carries out hardfacing of new as well as worn out components for plastic extrusion.



Cladding of screws and liners

Welding consumables

Back flow preventer

Bi-metallic bars

Bi-metallic or monolithic extruder barrels


Cladding of plastification unit

Cladding of screws and liners

Cladding of back flow preventers

Filler valves

Welding consumables


Filter cartridge

Stellite™ bushings



Rods Stellite™ 6, 12

Bushings for housings Stellite™ 6, 12

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