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Have you heard of the employer Deloro? No? Together we can change that. We are continously growing and have exciting tasks to distribute.

You encounter us more often than you think. Do you drink milk or eat butter and cheese? Do you have dental implants? Would one find ketchup in your pantry? So that these products can be manufactured, our products are essential. And if you live near a power plant – whether gas, coal or nuclear – than it’s our high-strength components and our unparalleled wear resistance which make the processes in these complex systems safe.

We are worldwide one of the few suppliers who can process the complete portfolio of cobalt and nickel super alloys. Therefore we are something special. We increase the lifetime of components, in particular those subject to wear, with the help of our, partially developed by us, extraordinarily resistant super alloys. These are either welded by us onto a component (with machines and equipment developed by us, which we also sell) or simply mold complete components ourselves.  Our specialists and experts then process the components mechanically ready for mounting. For this we use over 100 (!!) different processing machines and equipment. Our company not only offers thereby the complete portfolio of cobalt and nickel super alloys, but also unites, as one of the few worldwide, all processing methods for the mechanical processing of metals. From the molding of the prototype to the turning and milling machines and laser processing centers to additive laser processing and 3-D printing.

Why Deloro?

Are we an attractive employer? That’s for you to decide!

Deloro at the core - that is what we believe! We see our components in every critical process, in every critical application in the world.  

Deloro at the core – that is also that with which our co-workers impress our customers every day. As they bring the passion and the lifeblood to make a difference. They bring with excellent know-how and give their best every day to solve the problems of our customers.

Every manager works every day to be not just a normal employer, but with respectful understanding of leadership and our open company culture, to be an employer with whom a candidate gladly joins us, gladly stays and develops themselves further as well as can effectuate something in a team.

And you? Are you a person of passion for what you do? Are you brave enough to continually call into question the status quo in your area of responsibility? You want to contribute to the company’s success and not just be “one co-worker of many”?

Then let yourself be discovered by us and send us your resume. We will gladly invite you to a candidate date.  

In our group of companies you will not find corporate structures. That is, career paths and pre-defined rigid development programs, bureaucracy and the possibility to hide behind processes – not here!

As tailored as our solutions are for our customers, so individual and flexible are your tasks, your development and your framework conditions for working with us. Should you choose us, you will go through a solid introduction program in which you not only get to know your area of responsibility, but also the interfaces. You will experience our culture, you be able to build a network of contacts within the company as well as within the group of companies and we will of course do everything we can to make sure you understand the interaction of the individual areas and thereby be able to actively contribute to success.

And after the introduction program it’s not over! In consideration of your wishes and your abilities we will accompany and support you in your development. Even your personal circumstances will be taken as much as possible into consideration such as with flexible work time models.

Could we win you to win with us?

Then give us the opportunity to discover you!