Power Generation

The Power Generation industry has always attracted the latest in materials sciences. This is especially true in more modern times as there is more pressure on power plants to optimize flexible power production through enhanced wear protection, extended service intervals at a maximum safety level. Confidence must be accomplished in critical components which have to operate against simultaneous wearing mechanisms like abrasion, erosion, cavitation, fatigue and corrosion at high temperatures.  
Deloro has a wide selection of cobalt, nickel, stainless steel and super-alloys to combat heat, abrasion and corrosion in even the most demanding applications. These include castings, as well as coating and machining services. The varieties of processes and alloy selection we have offers the best choice for finding the answer to the most difficult wear problems.
Our Quality Management System and in-house laboratory provides us with high flexibility to comply with customer requirements. In addition, we are certified in accordance to RCCM – ASME – KTA Standards for the nuclear industry and hold various customer related qualifications.


Steam Turbine Components

Nuclear Energy

  • Primary circuit coolant pump components
  • Control Rod Drive components
  • HP and LP valve components for steam turbines
  • Primary circuit process valve components

Coal/Oil/Gas fired Power Plants

  • Valve Spindles
  • Valve Bushings
  • Valve Cones
  • Subassemblies of Valve internals

L0-Blade protections

  • Forged/cast/cladded erosion shields

Gas Turbine Components

* Picture ref. GE/GT13

  • Shroud blocks and heat shields
  • Combustion components
  • Air box
  • Rotating blades (stage 1st to 4th )
  • Static vanes (stages 1st to 5th )
  • IGT vanes and blades
  • IGT burner components
  • Other structural components

Renewable Energy

  • Components for Pelton turbines
  • Components for Kaplan and Francis turbines

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