PTA powder cladding unit for manual and automatic welding

The BASIC LINE was developed to offer a high-quality and reliable welding system for the integration in already existing welding equipment and as a standalone PTA equipment for manual use.

The robust and space-saving design integrates all necessary hardware components in one housing. Easy operation is ensured by a mobile hand-held device. Thanks to its modular design, there is an extension capability from manual to automatic welding.

The economical priced BASIC LINE and its modular extensibility offers a high-quality and reproducible execution of the welding process even under demanding production conditions.


  • Power Sources from 100 A - 350 A
    Individual selection of suitable power supply
  • Hand Held Torches for manual welding including foot pedal
    Safe and easy operation of equipment
  • Powder Feeder
    Well-proven and reliable gravity wheel feeder
  • Machine Torches
    For easy integration in existing manipulation system
  • Oscillation Unit for Torches
    Already integrated in the Programmable- Logic-Controller (PLC)
  • Optional Electronic Mass Fow Controllers
    Reliable gas management for automatic welding and integration in Programmable-Logic-Controller (PLC)

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