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Our Vision & Mission

Deloro at the core!

Courage - Credibility - Respect


Deloro at the core of every critical process!


Since 1907, we improve with all our passion parts and processes every day. To succeed in this, our people use their knowledge of our special manufacturing processes as well as their profound metallurgical know how about our high-performance alloys. We merge this special knowledge on both sides - material science and production - constantly to convert these alloys into top quality components.

So we add value to your business by reducing downtime and improving process efficiency in order to increase productivity, quality and safety. By combining internal with external expertise, we continously strive for innovation. Our international setup with local partners enables us to be close to you day by day.

We make your processes safer and more productive!


Code of Conduct & Ethics

The Deloro Group is committed to its Code of Ethics in alliance with Madison Industries.

Code of Conduct & Ethics

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