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Deloro Hettiger Welding designed torches for inner and outer diameter cladding

The Deloro Hettiger Welding Systems torches are specially designed for user friendly and reliable operation. A range of torches dedicated for cladding of small structures up to heavy-duty applications are selectable.

Subject to the required welding task and powder material, various electrode diameters, powder and plasma nozzles are available. Various torch designs with coaxial ring and 2 or 4 boreholes can be selected for the individual welding task.

All torches will be supplied with a spare-parts-starter-kit and a hose-package individual in length.


  • Application Range of Deloro Hettiger Welding Systems Plasma Torches
    Standard outside welding HPM, inner diameter welding HPI, blind-hole welding HPS and hand-held welding HPH
  • Water Cooling System
    Additional outside cooling tube for hot working conditions available
  • Rapid Shutdown of Torch
    Protection of torch in case of dysfunction of cooling circuit
  • Fast Coupling System for Gas, Powder, Water and Electricity
    Torch change without powder or water spill
  • High Quality Components
    For longevity and low maintenance
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