Refineries are a very challenging environment for materials. They inflict a combination of corrosion, wear and temperature on components. Stellite™ is ideally suited to withstand those challenges. As every shutdown of the plant is a huge, costly effort, components have to last throughout the planned lifecycle until the planned overhaul.
We offer a wide variety of solutions for Refineries. Nozzles are made as solid Stellite™ castings. We can combine them inhouse by casting or welding steel-additions that allow the customer to join a finished product on to the apparatus at the construction-site. We are used to combine steel, Stellite™ and other Superalloys to produce Thermowells consisting of multiple materials per piece. A large part of our valve-components ends up controlling the flow in the processing plants which is created by pumps being made with our solutions.
Many FCCU-Units could not operate their long service-cycles without our alloys. Heat Exchangers would have a lower design-temperature or shorter life-cycle without Stellite™. And last-but not least – we have supported pushing burners and thermowells to  withstand even bruter corrosion and temperature challenges than before.


  • Feed Nozzles
  • Regenerator Air Nozzles
  • Steam Stripping Nozzles &
    Injection Nozzles
  • Orifice Chamber Nozzles
  • Fluid Coker Nozzles
  • Torch Oil Nozzles
  • Thermowells
  • Valves
  • Pump Components

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