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Delor manufactures a variety of shaped and pressed saw tips and sawtipping products, as well as for tips for brazing onto circular saws. For example, the operational time of a wood bandsaw blade is considerably increased by tipping the teeth with Stellite™. Traditionally Stellite™ tipped bandsaws were used for cutting hardwoods, but they have also been proven on softer woods such as Fir & Pine.
The Stellite™ tipped teeth give better surface finishes and considerably longer operational times. Although Stellite™ has a lower hardness than cemented carbide, it has greater wear resistance and it is tough enough to withstand shocks caused by knots, nails etc.


  • Rectangular Tips
  • Triangular Tips
  • Trapezoidal Tips
  • Triangle Rods
  • Stellite™, rods and wires for use on automized welding equipment and manual saw tipping

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