Engineering Support

Optimization of components that last longer

Deloro manufactures solutions that extend component life, reduce unplanned equipment
downtime and decrease maintenance expenditures.
Everything we do begins with the identification of your high-temperature wear or corrosion problems in operating environments where equipment downtime or failure is costly to your operations. This identification, coupled with a thorough understanding of the wear mechanisms and operating environment, will lead to the component design, alloy selection and manufacturing process selection that are best suited for your problem. Our support is highly present in numerous industries that are negatively affected by wear, corrosion and high temperatures.

Your Benefits

  • Decades of expertise in engineering, design and manufacturing
  • Material selection expertise (standard and customized alloys)
  • Optimization of design for wear and corrosion resistance
  • Cost optimized design "fit for production"
  • Cooperation in customer's project teams during design stage
  • Conformity of design with standard regulations
  • Process development and selection of manufacturing technologies

Our expertise in engineering complex solutions to customer's wear problems provides our customers with a technical partner enabling them to produce products with competitive advantage in their own market places because they last longer, perform better and are more cost effective.

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