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Superior and Reliable Solutions for Wear and Corrosion Protection

Welcome to the World of Deloro

The Deloro Group is the world class solution provider of choice for metallic wear solutions, castings and component enhancements through HIP or surface coatings based on materials technology and process know how.

We combine high-quality components and equipment, metallurgical expertise, broad production capacities, and great customer service to be the one-stop-shop supplier you need for all your wear and corrosion needs.


Deloro sagte „Danke“ mit Weihnachtsbäumen

Aktion "Deloro Weihnachtsbaum" für alle Mitarbeitenden

Neue Auszubildende beginnen spannende Karriere bei Deloro

Auch in diesem Jahr starten wieder zwei neue Azubis, die wir herzlich willkommen heißen.

Together, employees, the works council and the company donate more than 36,000.00 euros

Dirk Schori, Deputy Chairman of the Works Council (left) and Michael Rünz, CEO Deloro Wear Solutions GmbH (right) are overwhelmed by the willingness...