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Specialization: Industrial Engineering

As a true all-rounder, you will manage the business processes in the company during your training as an Industrial Management Assistant (m/f/d). In materials management, you will compare offers, negotiate with suppliers and oversee the receipt and storage of goods. In production management, you will plan, control and monitor the production of goods or services and create order accompanying documents.

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Specialization: System Integration

As an IT Specialist (m/f/d) you will plan, develop, configure and analyze IT systems using the latest tools and techniques to ensure that no data problems occur during the production process.

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Specialization: Industrial Engineering

During your apprenticeship as an Industrial Mechanic (m/f/d), you will ensure that the machines and systems are always ready for operation. The operational equipment includes technical industrial systems and machines of all kinds, such as large production systems, lathes, milling machines and compressors. In addition to regular maintenance of the machines, you will determine the causes of faults and carry out repair work.

Possible extension after one year:
Bachelor of Engineering (m/f/d), Specialization: Automation Technology

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Specialization: Lathe Systems

As a Metal Cutting Mechanic (m/f/d), you will learn how to manufacture precision metal components using cutting processes such as turning, milling, drilling or grinding and how to operate CNC machines. The production of components that are either only a few millimeters in diameter or can weigh up to several tons will be your daily business. These are used, for example, in the automotive industry, aerospace, medical technology or the electrical engineering industry. You will familiarize yourself with all the details of the technical drawing of the workpiece and, if necessary, calculate any missing dimensions that are required for setting up the machine tools. You will also enter new programs into the CNC machines or optimize existing ones. After a test run and during and after the production process, you will check the dimensions of the components and check the surface quality.

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Specialization: Automation Technology

As an Electronics Technician (m/f/d) for automation technology, you will analyze functional relationships and process sequences of automated
welding systems and design modifications and extensions. You will install and adjust electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic drive systems and install measurement, control and regulation equipment. You will install, configure, program and adjust sensor systems, operating systems, bus systems and networks. You will connect the installed components to form complex automation systems that are integrated into an overall system. After a successful test run, you will be responsible for the handover to the customer and instruct future users in the operation of the systems. Monitoring, servicing and maintenance of the automation systems is also part of your work. You will use test software and diagnostic systems to locate, analyze and rectify faults.

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Specialization: Product Design & Construction

As a Technical Product Designer (m/f/d) specializing in product design and construction, you will accompany the development of a product from conception through to production. To ensure that machines, systems and everyday objects fulfill their function, you make sure that the construction and design are right. Using the latest 3D CAD programs, you translate the customer's requirements into technical drawings and use them to create the roadmap for production. You select materials and production techniques and also keep an eye on costs and technical requirements. You use simulations and tests to check whether your designs can be implemented in practice.

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As a Warehouse Logistics Expert (m/f/d), you will be responsible for receiving all types of goods and checking their quantity and condition based on the accompanying documents. You will organize the unloading of goods, sort them and store them properly in previously planned locations. You ensure that the goods are stored under optimal conditions and regulate the temperature and humidity, for example. In outgoing goods, you plan delivery tours and determine the most cost-effective shipping method. You put together deliveries, pack the goods and create accompanying documents such as delivery bills or customs declarations. You will also load the trucks, operate forklift trucks and secure the freight against shifting. You will also optimize the internal flow of information and materials from procurement to sales. You will investigate sources of goods, compare offers, order goods and arrange payment for them.

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Specialization: Metal Technology

As a Materials Tester (m/f/d), you will learn the basics of modern materials testing and also gain in-depth insights into the materials science of metals. The focus is on carrying out test procedures to characterize the chemical, mechanical and microstructural properties of hard alloys based on cobalt, nickel and iron. In addition to castings, you can also expect to see welded samples and thermally sprayed coatings. Our materials are used, for example, in the automotive industry, aerospace, medical technology or in mechanical and plant engineering. Spark spectrometry, combustion analyses, microscopic examinations and hardness tests will be part of your daily work. You will familiarize yourself with the operation of various measuring and analysis devices, evaluate the results and document them. You will also carry out tensile, compression and adhesive tensile tests, prepare metallographic samples and learn how to systematically interpret microstructures.

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Specialization: Hand Mold Casting & Investment Casting

As a Foundry Mechanic (m/f/d), you will learn how to create casting molds by hand - usually sand molds - and how to produce cast parts made of cobalt and/or nickel in small series or individual part production. You will prepare tools and materials and check the required models. You will also learn how to melt and alloy metals, control melting furnaces, test temperatures and pour molten metal into molds. After the finished casting has cooled down, you will check it for casting defects and treat it, e.g. with heat treatment or sandblasting. It is particularly important to comply with all occupational safety regulations, as you will be working at very high temperatures.

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