Dental Alloys

Cobalt & Nickel based alloys (non-precious) are used in the dental industry for making dental prosthesis. They are an economical alternative to Gold & Silver based alloys (precious) but perform well due to their mechanical properties and biocompatibility. Deloro markets a range of non-precious Dental Alloys. We can source alloys to our customers’ own specification or alternatively we can offer a range of our own standard alloys.

For continuous casted rods, ingots, polished ingots or powders, our principal manufacturer holds an approval for the medical devices directive 93/42/EEC for some alloys, additionally to produce alloys to our customers’ own specifications, they hold an certificate of ISO13485.

We offer customized blanks for dental applications. The special chemistries are exclusively owned by our clients. The discs are cast with the resin shell method and finish machined to the required dimensions. For these products we also hold an ISO 13485 certification.


  • Continuous cast rods
  • Polished and non-polished Ingots
  • Powder
  • Dental disks

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