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The Oil & Gas Industry operates in some of the most challenging environments worldwide. No matter if your equipment is going to be operated in arctic or desert surroundings - there is no room for failure. Therefore, the Oil and Gas Industry has the highest demands to push the limits of material science on both factors - service-life and reliability. Our materials and services contribute in many ways to cut your operational cost and to keep the uptime of your equipment high. Stellite™ has a long history in Oil and Gas - e.g. as castings for solid components or as wear-shield on your steel-substrate protecting your precious machinery.

Cladding subs, centralizers and other tools with our welding-materials. The non-magnetic properties of Cobalt-Alloys make it a perfect fit for components in Rotary-Steerable tools, in MWD- or LWD applications. Besides not affecting the measurement of the systems Stellite™-components are ideal to stand up against the sand-containing drilling-fluids
Cladding Risers with Ultimet* to make your mooring and a product-transfer a safe one.
Up and downstream
Casted and cladded pump- and valve parts up- and downstream. The Stellite™ materials enhance the service-life of your critical control and lifting-equipment. Even more than on land- subsea-applications restrict the access to your equipment. The components need to last throughout the designated service-cycle.
Besides the already described components for controlling flow and process casted and cladded parts are use in refineries in burners, crackers and heat-exchangers where they have to withstand combined challenges of corrosion, erosion and temperatures.

In downstream applications key structural parts as well as valve housings are produced by HIP technology in corrosion resistant steels and Nickel based alloys. The technology allows to design complex geometries with homogenious material properties without the need of construction welding.


Upstream - Exploration and Drilling

  • Rotors
  • Stators
  • Impellers
  • Centralizers
  • Landig Sleeves
  • Turbine Sleeves
  • Flow Diverters
  • Fishing Hands
  • Wear Bands
  • Stabilizer

Up and Downstream - Flow Control

  • Pump- and valve parts
  • Balls and Seats
  • Housings
  • Cones
  • Impeller
  • Casings
  • Stems

Aero derivative and heavy duty Gasturbine components

* Picture reference: GE / GT13

  • Shroud blocks and heat shields
  • Combustion components
  • Air box
  • Rotating blades (stage 1st to 4th )
  • Static vanes (stages 1st to 5th )
  • IGT vanes and blades
  • IGT burner components
  • Other structural components

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