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Deloro utilizes our air melt and vacuum casting capability plus pressed and sintered Powder Metal production to meet the most exacting standards of the civil and defence maritime industry. 

A variety of degradation problems exist in maritime engines as a result of metal to metal wear, fretting, salt corrosion, hot corrosion, particle erosion plus others. This degradation is accelerated due to the demanding conditions involved. Deloro can supply a range of alloys which can be applied in order to increase the life of certain engine and other critical components.

Typical Deloro alloys seen in the Maritime Industry are Nistelle™ 625, Nistelle™ 2315, Stellite™ 4, Stellite™ 694, Stellite™ 31 and  Delcrome™ 316 which are commonly supplied in powder form or fine TIG Rod form. Our wrought alloy Stellite™ 6B is also used extensively for critical maritime components such as pumps or bearings. For cast alloys Inconel™718, Inconel™939 has excellent corrosion resistant properties and good hot strength for engine components. In addition to our air melt and vacuum castings we offer pressed and sintered parts and can finish these components in-house to meet your specification.

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