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Deloro provides wear components made of specially customized alloys for excellent metal-to-metal lubrication for heavy-duty diesel truck engines, turbochargers and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) units. In addition, we also provide a range of wear solutions for a number of more widely transportation-related applications. These components also help ensure the engines meet the stringent emission norms and reduced consumption demands that are being imposed on the industry. Our alloys are proven to reduce engine downtime, and are allowing manufacturers to offer extended reliability and warranties to the end user. To maintain efficient engine operation, it is vital that engine valves are protected against such wear. Stellite™ 6, Stellite™ F and Tribaloy™ are most common alloys in the automotive valve industry and Deloro provides the suitable powders and PTA welding systems in its portfolio.

Our alloys are employed for the above applications and in those environments because they provide secure durability for components that have to function under extreme conditions for lifetime and prevent costly rework or substitution. This is one of the key reason why most components appear in trucks, light and heavy duty commercial vehicles with guaranteed and expected mileage above the million but also in very ambitious racecars.



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