Compact systems for PTA powder cladding

The COMPACT LINE is the preferred equipment for the cladding of small and medium-sized parts with a high quality and reliable welding system with integrated torch and workpiece manipulation for easy PLC automated use.

The robust and compact design integrates all necessary hardware components in an aluminum frame. The easy operation is ensured by an integrated operation panel equipped with our standard-setting Human-Machine-Interface and PLC which controls all functionalities for the execution of the cladding process. This includes all welding parameters and the workpiece manipulation.

The fully automated COMPACT LINE combines the advantage of a highly sophisticated control unit with high quality components for safe and reliable operation.


  • Power Sources from 10A - 350 A
    Selection of power supply suitable for workpiece dimension
  • Machine Torches
    Deloro Hettiger Welding designed torches for outer and inner cladding
  • Single Powder Feeder
    Well-proven and reliable gravity wheel feeder
  • Electronic Mass Flow Controllers
    Reliable gas management for automatic welding integrated into the Programmable- Logic-Controller (PLC)
  • Up to 3 Linear Axes and 1 Tilting and 1 Turning Axis
    Non-rotational geometries possible
  • Master-Slave-Programming
    Easy teaching and manipulation of welding task

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