Deloro Coatings

Bellusco, Italy

Deloro Coatings S.r.l., located in Bellusco (Italy), produces coated components since 1961. We offer High Quality Coating Services utilizing a wide range of Cobalt, Nickel, Iron-based alloys as well as Tungsten Carbide, Chromium Carbides and Ceramics.

Thermal Spray technologies like HVOF, APS (plasma spray), and welded solutions with PTA, TIG and MIG are customized and applied to create new or repaired components. Focus of the company is to support customers both on original.

Deloro Coatings offers coating and machining services for industrial wear solutions, with an expertise in packaging, food and hydropower applications as well as the Italian pumps, valve and flow control market serving the Oil & Gas industry. Stellite™6B is used for erosion shields for steam turbines and Stellite™6K for industrial knifes.

The internal machining shop provides the capability to produce finish-machined coated rings, bushings, sleeves and other components machined from casted Stellite™ bars.

Gallery of typical parts

Grooved Components

HVOF coated


HVOF coated

Ball Valves

HVOF coated and machined


PTA or HVOF coated

Rotating Components

Ceramic coated


Available coating technologies

  • Thermal Spray        
    • HVOF: High Velocity Oxy Fuel
    • APS: Plasma Spray
    • Spray & Fuse
  • Welded coatings   
    • PTA:  Plasma Transferred Arc
    • TIG:   Tungsten Inert Arc
    • MMA: Manual Metal Arc
    • MIG:  Metal Inert Gas

Available machining capabilities

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Grinding
  • Lapping
  • EDM

Components from sketch to part ready to install, e.g.

  • Rings, bushings, sleeves and other components machined from casted Stellite™ bars
  • Industrial Stellite™ 6B and 6K knives
  • Stellite™6B erosion shields for steam turbines

Main coating alloys

Cobalt based

  • Stellite™ 1, 6, 12, 20, 21, 706, 712
  • Ultimet™

Nickel based

  • Deloro™ 40, 50, 60

Inter Metallic laves phase alloys

  • Tribaloy™ 400 & 800
  • Tribaloy™ 745


  • Tungsten Carbides with several compositions
  • Chromium Carbides with several compositions


  • Aluminium oxides with several compositions
  • Chromium oxides with several compositions
  • Zirconia with several compositions


  • Copper Aluminium alloys
  • Dye Penetrant test
  • Hardness
  • Bend Test
  • Micrograph & Porosity inspection
  • Outsourcing specific analysis to external laboratories

How to reach us ...

Deloro Coatings S.r.l.
Via Ornago 26
20882 Bellusco (MB)

+39 039 62 04 1


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