vgbe Steam Turbine Conference

Booth 6, Wuerzburg (Germany) 28th & 29th May 2024

The Power Generation industry has always attracted the latest in materials sciences. This is especially true in more modern times as there is more pressure on power plants to optimize flexible power production through enhanced wear protection, extended service intervals at a maximum safety level.

Adress questions to our steam turbine specialists on the vgbe Steam Turbine Conference in Wuerzburg, Germany on 28th & 29th May at booth #6.

We offer services to produce and repair:

  • HP and LP valve components
  • Valve Spindles
  • Valve Bushings
  • Valve Cones
  • Subassemblies of valve internals
  • Forged/cast/cladded erosion shields for L0-Blade protection

For revision of power plant technology we offer a dedicated shuttle service to repair critical components in expeptional lead time.

Our Solutions

Coated Components

We provide HVOF coating, PTA hardfacing or Laser cladding services according to our customer needs. 

Cast Parts

We have sand, centrifugal, resin shell and invesment casting capabilities in house and finish machine for turnkey solutions.

Powder Metallurgy

We employ our metallurgical know-how to additive manufacturing and hot isostatic pressing.