Services and Repairs

We offer a wide range of service and repair works for your welding system

We offer you the whole technical service for Deloro Hettiger Welding Systems, via remote maintenance as well as at site at your location. Regularly validation of important parameters like current, voltage, powder and gas flow gives you the safety to weld with the right parameters. Our measuring devices we are using for validating your welding system are regularly calibrated from the original manufacturer. We are ISO 9001 certified and our internal procedure for validation is in line with EN 50504 and DVS guideline 3009.

Our Services

  • Online factory support for your Deloro Hettiger Welding equipment in realtime
  • Video calls for remote problem solving – highest quality, even in low bandwidth environments
  • Solve problems on machines and equipment directly using live video support from our specialist technicians, via our DELORO SHARE Platform
  • Dedicated website for remote maintenance, troubleshooting or even training with a Deloro Hettiger expert
  • For further information please have a look at DELORO SHARE PLATFORM flyer
  • Remote maintenance
    • Via Internet
    • Via Phone
    • Error Analysis
    • Hints for continuing work with the system
  • Evaluation of defects
  • Proposal for repair
  • Preparation of detailed quotation before repair
  • Functional test after repair with documentation
  • Validation of the PTA-Welding System
  • Torch and Powder Feeder maintenance
  • Inspection of Hardware Components
  • Replacement of wear and tear parts
  • Validation of important parameters: Current, Voltage, Powder and Gas Flow
  • Validation in line with EN 50504 and DVS guideline 3009
  • Validation with regularly calibrated measuring devices
  • Preferred handling of your request within defined time range
  • “Flat rate” of remote support via Internet and Telephone within 24 hours
  • Yearly “check-up” of your system including a validation of important parameters with work report and measuring protocols
  • Update and programming of new application profile for automated welding
  • Update of Human-Machine-Interface, latest version
  • Update of software for components like Servo drives if available from manufacturer
  • PTA Welding, in-house
  • PTA Welding, at site
  • Setting of welding parameters for different applications
  • Torch Maintenance
  • Torch and Nozzle usage for different welding rates and powders

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