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High Performance Welding at Schweissen & Schneiden 2023

Under the provocative motto "Full Metal Anti-Aging" and an eye catching key visual, Deloro Wear Solution presented innovations at the renowned "Schweissen & Schneiden 2023" exhibition! At first glance, anti-aging products and metallic coatings may seem unrelated, but as the visitors of the exhibition talked to the experts from Deloro it became clear that there are a lot of similarities. Both anti-aging solutions and metallic coatings are treatments applied to protect surfaces from environmental factors in order to increase longevity and durability.

Innovation Meets Tradition

With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, we have established as trusted partner, continuously delivering advanced technologies and high-quality products for wear and corrosion protection. At this year's Schweissen & Schneiden we took the opportunity to showcase our commitment to create a more sustainable future through innovative technologies which extend the lifespan of parts and components exposed to wear and corrosion.

Live Demonstrations and Expert Discussions

Visitors to the exhibition had the opportunity to experience our PTA (Plasma Transfer Arc) welding system first-hand. At our booth, live demonstrations were offered on the Deloro Compact Line. The public witnessed the launch of our novel and intuitive user interface for welding systems. This development aims to relieve specialists in companies through simplified control, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity. Additionally, we provided a platform for interaction with experts to learn more about the latest developments in the field of wear and corrosion protection.

User friendly automation of powder cladding

Industry 4.0 PTA welding systems and digital transformation in welding aim to improve component quality. PTA cladding is a versatile method for applying wear and corrosion-resistant coatings. However, manual PTA can be complex and error-prone due to numerous adjustable parameters. Automating the process therefore, offers several advantages:

  • Increases speed and efficiency, reducing production time.
  • Ensures consistent, high-quality coatings.
  • Eliminates manual errors in parameter adjustments.
  • Reduces labor and setup time, boosting productivity.

New Alloy development for Sustainable Solutions

We are pioneering the development of materials that can withstand the corrosive effects of hydrogen and ammonia, gases increasingly important as alternative energy sources and industrial feedstocks. Through intensive research and industry collaboration, we have created alloys that resist hydrogen embrittlement and ammonia corrosion. To achieve this we use specific alloying elements that enhance material resistance. Our quality control processes, including advanced testing techniques, ensure the reliability and performance of our products. By proactively addressing the challenges posed by these gases, we remain a trusted partner for industries preparing for future demands.

To conclude

In an era where digital interactions are becoming the norm, this exhibition served as a reminder that personal contact remains a vital aspect. The depth of understanding and connection that is fostered through face-to-face interactions is simply unparalleled. When it comes to the explanation of our PTA cladding line demonstrating the intuitive control of the system is worth a thousand words. We are already looking forward to meeting you at Schweissen & Schneiden 2025!