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Deloro Microfusione: a 75-year tradition!

On Saturday 24 June 2023, in our Pieve Emanuele plant, we organized an event with colleagues and friends meant to celebrate our history together, and at the same time the future ahead of us, full of challenges and new goals.

History of Deloro Microfusione

Deloro Microfusione was founded in 1948 in Milan as Microfusione Italiana, the first Italian Company operating in the market of investment casting and it moved into the present shop in Fizzonasco in 1965.

Since then, Deloro Microfusione has been serving a large variety of industries with high quality investment castings components, specializing over the years on the more complex applications.

Its long tradition and experience on Industrial Gas Turbine components started back in the 1970s with the production of structural parts and developed in the mid 1980s with turbine blades.

From 1999 Microfusione is part of the Deloro Group and contributes to carry on the long tradition of excellence in wear solutions, aiming to be at the core of every critical process.

Today, Deloro Microfusione offers air and vacuum, solid and cored equiaxial precision castings in Ni and Co based superalloys, as well as in stainless steel; two air- and two vacuum-furnaces are operating in the 15.000 sqm manufacturing plant that includes dedicated departments for wax, shell, finishing, heat treatment, Non Destructive Testing (NADCAP approved X-Ray and FPI) and a fully equipped Test Laboratory.

Deloro Microfusione serves the Industrial Gas Turbine industry, including Original Equipment Manufacturers, with a wide range of blades, nozzles, heat shields and combustor components up to 75kg of finish weight. For the Aerospace industry, Deloro Microfusione produces a variety of structural and non-rotating components and holds several approvals from various Engine Manufacturers. In addition to these two main markets, Deloro Microfusione offers components for many other demanding industrial applications.

75 years… and more!

Deloro Microfusione strives to be the best-in-class investment casting foundry and business partner for the most demanding industrial applications.

At the core of Deloro Microfusione, a strong team of 180 individuals with a good mix of experienced professionals of the investment casting business and fresh members bringing additional enthusiasm and competences.

Many thanks to all the employees and guests who attended, to the mayor of Pieve Emanuele with his councilor, to the external trade union representatives, to our group CEO; for contributing to the success of the day.