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A home-grown Deloreaner - Michael Rünz

It has been 30 years since Michael Rünz decided to join Deloro (then called "Deloro Stellite GmbH"). His wish to complete a dual course of study - a commercial apprenticeship in combination with a degree in business administration (VWA) - was granted, so he was able to put the theoretical knowledge he had acquired into practice at an early stage. After completing his training and a brief detour into the electronics industry, the paths of Deloro and Michael Rünz crossed again and were to lead to a long-lasting and successful alliance.

This joint professional journey began after his return to Deloro in Koblenz as Export Manager for Asia in 1995. When later on Deloro acquired a production site in France in 1999, Michael Rünz seized the opportunity to take over the Management there in 2001, settle temporarily in France and specialize the company in the manufacture of medical implants. Finally, in 2006, he returned to Koblenz as Managing Director of Deloro Stellite GmbH, where he was also responsible for the subsidiaries in India and Italy. In the course of the integration of Deloro into the Kennametal Group, he was appointed Global Sales Director in 2012 and a year later „Business Director - Engineered Components and Surface Technology“ - a task for which he moved to Switzerland, where Kennametal's European Headquarters was located.


At the beginning of 2015, the locations in Koblenz, Italy and Switzerland were assigned to the “Managing Director - Metal Based Wear Solutions EMEA" to intensify activities in wear protection. Mr. Rünz has been Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Deloro Group since 1st December 2015, which has meanwhile become an independent Group again. Together with his long-standing management team, the long term strategic development has now become the central task.

Since the beginning of 2022, the production facilities in Koblenz, Bellusco (IT) and Milan (IT) have been in the hands of a US-American family of entrepreneurs whose professional roots lie in the metal industry and who share the passion for solutions and products in the field of metal processing with the Deloro team.

Michael Rünz continues to preside over the Deloro Group as CEO and will manage the Group in the interests of the new owners, who will continue to set sail on a course for growth in close cooperation with Deloro's Management Team. Because one thing is certain:

Deloro Solutions will continue to contribute to greater sustainability, efficiency and process reliability in the future. The reason for this are the unusual, innovative and customer-specific solutions in the field of wear and corrosion protection, which the Deloro team produces every day with a great deal of know-how and passion.

Today, in addition to the automotive, oil, gas and metal industries, the global customer base already includes sectors such as food production and packaging, dental and energy production.