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Starting the new year as a trained industrial mechanic!

It’s January, the year 2024 has just entered its second week. For some it's their first day at work, but for our apprentice Fabienne Borutha it's her last ‒ as an apprentice! She sets off early in the morning for her exam day. Nothing can stop her. Not even thousands of tractors and trucks on the roads in Koblenz. Today is her final exam and Fabienne is determined to crown her 3.5 years at Deloro.

Fabienne found her way to Deloro via a job scout at the August-Horch-Schule, where she completed her practical high school diploma. Even though she – living in Andernach – didn't actually want to work in Koblenz, she was immediately won over by Deloro's exciting fields of activity and tasks. During the trial internship, she was told on the second day that she didn't need to come back for the third day – she was given the training contract straight away! But of course, she didn't miss the third day.

And now the 3.5 years of apprenticeship at Deloro are already over and the end is within reach. The final examination begins and it's time to choose the exam machine. A lathe is her first station, a milling machine the second. Fabienne confidently passes the practical exam with 94% and not only completes her projects within the exam time but also cleans the machines in an exemplary manner.

The theory exam that followed was a little more difficult: "I knew everything, but in the exciting exam situation it was difficult at first to recall and name everything directly and correctly.” However, that didn't diminish her success at all: Working life is not a technical exam!

Her colleagues in all areas are happy to confirm how uncomplicated and goal-oriented working with Fabienne is. She knows what she's talking about, is absolutely talented and never tired of inspiring others. In the last few years of her apprenticeship, she was an integral part of the recruiting team and inspired people at trade fairs and school visits. She also played her part in the social media team to raise Deloro's profile as an employer.

During her apprenticeship, she completed a welding course, obtained a crane certificate, a certificate for the aerial work platform, PPE training (personal fall protection equipment), she qualified as an electrically instructed person for use on the processing machines and – her personal highlight – obtained an additional qualification in 3D printing. In addition to her day-to-day work, she created some useful samples, such as give-aways for trade fairs and even Deloro Christmas tree decorations.

Today, Fabienne joins the maintenance team as a trained industrial mechanic and was welcomed with a large bouquet of flowers at a surprise team meeting! She is very happy to continue working for Deloro and can well imagine inspiring young and old for "her company" in the future!

Congratulations, Fabienne! Good luck on your future career path and welcome home to Deloro!