We are a Champion! Deloro is one of 6 "Hidden Champions" in Koblenz!

A study conducted by the University of Trier names Deloro Wear Solutions GmbH as one of 6 hidden champions in Koblenz.

What does that mean?

► we are #champion.

The university's criteria are as follows:

- active for longer than 20 years ✔️ ► even 50 already!

- more than 50 employees ✔️ ► more than 300!

- Annual sales between €5 million and €1 billion ✔️ ► >€60 million in 2022

- Market leader in a niche in Europe or among the top3 worldwide. ✔️ as a solution provider for metallic corrosion & wear protection

What does that also mean?

► we are #hidden!

Not that we are surprised that our company, which has existed for over 50 years now, is not well-known in the city of Koblenz, after all, we are not an immediate part of everyday life...or are we?

  • Yes, our "products" cannot be bought by just anyone in the supermarket around the corner. Wear-resistant bushings made of Tribaloy™ T400 are in the turbochargers of trucks that bring all the other products needed to the supermarket and guarantee low-emission transport over millions of kilometers on routes around the world.
  • Tools used to seal food cans are also made of our materials so that they can safely seal tens of thousands of tomato cans. The same applies to the gauges used to form Nutella jars, for example.
  • If things don't run so smoothly, dental implants or hip joint prostheses are used, which are also made from Stellite™ alloys.
  • In power plants, our coatings are used on valves and guarantee the safe operation of power generation.
  • Wherever other materials cannot withstand high mechanical forces, corrosive environmental conditions or extreme temperatures, our Stellite™ , Tribaloy ™ etc. alloys are used. are used.

At Deloro, our customers can determine their own entry point.

This is because we offer solutions for individual problems, not fixed catalog products. Suppose the customer has a worn valve that no longer reliably seals his process. Our lab gets to the bottom of the cause and recommends a solution. If necessary, the valve can be repaired i.e. rearmored with the old material, finished and reinstalled. If the material was not suitable for the specific application, alternative coatings made of more suitable materials can be applied. It is up to the customer to decide whether to do this himself or to commission Deloro. If, for example, he initially receives completely finished prototypes from our production facility, he can purchase only coating material from a specialized coating system for series production an a machine deignes for the job.

We can also jointly answer the question of whether a component must be completely cast from a wear-resistant material or whether local armoring with the material on a more cost-efficient basis is sufficient.

300 employees...with countless professions & vocations!

So even though not everyone can just buy Deloro's products or consciously needs them at home, there is still a great opportunity to get to know the company in Koblenz Kesselheim "from the inside"...as an employee. We already employ over 300 people in production, development, control, administration and sales and train 10 apprentice-professions. From industrial mechanics to materials testers, warehouse logistics specialists, industrial clerks to foundry mechanics & technical product designers. Whether you find your way to Deloro as a trainee or as an experienced professional is of secondary importance. Some people go from one to the other with Deloro, like our CEO, who once started as an apprentice.

Deloro is a large construction kit of processes, materials and clever minds that can be used to "build" proven standards just as well as technological innovations.

The only prerequisite: The basis is metal, which must reliably withstand corrosion, wear and high temperatures.

Conclusion: We may (still) be hidden, but we are also champions, because we keep your everyday life running by giving metal components a long life: Full Metal Anti-Aging!

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