Deloro on the Run - 40 Delorians attend the B2Run Company Run in Koblenz!

The Koblenz company run is already a tradition for Deloro, every year, lots of "Delorians" are at the start...and at the finish - the experts for "metal endurance runners" become some themselves!

The Koblenz company run is already a tradition for Deloro Wear Solutions GmbH, every year we are ready to run... finish line in sight - the experts for metallic endurance runners become some themselves! 
In the fight against wear and tear on machinery and machine parts, we have been delivering the ultimate anti-aging treatment for metal for more than 50 years - all over the world!

Whether cast, welded, sprayed or spun, whether for power plant valves, noodle rollers, turbochargers or welding equipment. Unique materials paired with a variety of manufacturing processes and the technological know-how of our employees, the "Delorians", are the basis for tailor-made solutions according to customer requirements.
Beyond our mission to provide ultimate durability and reliability at the core of every critical process, there is also an increasing focus on employee cohesion and physical and mental fitness. We all work hard and enjoy it, so physical and mental balance is naturally part of the equation, and we'd love to do it with colleagues! After all, we still have a lot to do and that can only be achieved as a team. Even among the family members of the Delorians there were some runners again this year, so that a whole 40 running (and cheerleading) shirts were ordered and proudly worn.

The results? A minor matter, from top runners to grade-one finishers* - Deloro (as always) had the whole range to offer. And the fact that everyone took part speaks for the team. After all, it's not about times, it's about doing something together and growing together outside of work
Some people might say that a company run excludes colleagues who are not so sporty. But that's only true from a distance. Not everyone runs, some cheer you on and offer you a cool drink or a chat after the run. In the daily work routine, not everyone does the same job either, but each does his part with full vigor...the success has the #teamdeloro.

*author means herself here 😊

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