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Deloro at the ECIF Investment Casting Technology Course

Deloros competent casting colleagues Alexander Hergert and Martina Bisio took home so much valuable impressions...and their earned certificates from the first EICF-course on Investment casting at Brno University.

Two Employees from Deloro Group took part at the first edition of “Investment Casting Technology Course” held at Brno University, Czech Republic. In 6 intensive days, Martina Bisio from Deloro Microfusione in Italy and Alexander Hergert from Deloro Wear Solutions in Germany were able to attend lectures together, visit manufacturing plants and manufacture investment casting products by themselves.

The focus of the workshop was not only to understand the complex process of investment casting in its individual sequences, but also to convey the scientific knowledge behind this process. "The insights into new technologies, such as 3D printing or simulation software, were very interesting. In everyday life, you don't always realize how rapidly this technology is growing," says Alexander Hergert.

During the week there was also the chance to meet other colleagues coming from this industry, customers, suppliers and university researchers, creating a great atmosphere of collaboration and exchange of practical experiences, making it an exciting learning opportunity for everybody.

"Probably the greatest enrichment, besides the insight from most different sides of the investment casting process, was the appreciation of all participants. The communication with metallurgists, suppliers, process engineers, university professors, etc. was very open. At no point did it feel like competition, but rather we realized that you have to deal with the same problems," says Alexander Hergert about the collegial atmosphere with the other course participants.

We would like to thank EICF, in collaboration with Brno University, for once again demonstrating its commitment to the development and promotion of investment casting in Europe.

We wish this is to be a start of a continuous common growth and success in the business.

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