Wrought Products

Our Stellite material is rolled into the form of plate, sheet and bar products. A fundamental feature of the forming process is the improvement in the properties of the wrought material, brought about by changes to the grain structure during plastic deformation and heat treatment. During the forming of Stellite® sheet and bar the orientation and size of the fibres are optimised and the material achieves higher strength than cast material of the same chemistry.
After forming, the sheet is cut into blanks of suitable sizes by, for example, water-jet cutting or laser cutting. These blanks are then processed into finished parts.

Our wrought products fabricating department is skilled at press forming, roll forming and shaping the Stellite wrought materials into finished components.


If your component meets one or more of the following basic criteria, wrought products could be the correct product selection.

  • Flat or bar stock
  • Half sleeve application
  • Preformed shape
  • High temperature part stability
  • Cutting application 

Wrought Products Materials

Stellite® Alloys are available in many different grades (chemical compositions) and several different processes or methods of manufacture.  These different processes include casting, powder metal, hardfaced deposit, and wrought.  The wrought or hot forging method of production gives the resulting material improved properties in the areas of:

  • Mechanical properties
  • Toughness
  • Wear resistance
  • Corrosion resistance

The following information describes the two wrought grades of Stellite - Stellite®6B (AMS 5894) and Stellite®6K


(Aerospace Material Specification AMS 5894)

When it comes to tough wear resistant materials with “guaranteed” mechanical properties STELLITE® 6B (AMS 5894) is in a class by itself. Unlike many other materials that sacrifice toughness for wear resistance STELLITE® 6B (AMS 5894) offers both.

The key is the extensive hot working processing of the material which transforms a brittle wear resistant ingot into tough wear resistant STELLITE® 6B (AMS 5894). With its excellent wear characteristics, hot hardness, good corrosion resistance and superior mechanical properties STELLITE® 6B (AMS 5894) has been the material of choice for the most demanding wear applications.

Whether your application involves high impact pulp agitators, critical directional drilling tools or aerospace components STELLITE® 6B (AMS 5894)can offer superior wear resistance and the mechanical properties needed to withstand the toughest of applications. When it comes to your equipment don’t settle for anything less, use STELLITE® 6B (AMS 5894).

STELLITE® 6B (AMS 5894) is stocked in standard mill forms of flat stock ranging from .031 " to 1" thick and round bar ranging from .312" to 4.0" diameter - special sizing available on request.


Stellite®6K has similar properties to Stellite®6B (AMS 5894), but is slightly harder and less ductile.  Stellite®6K is excellent for cutting or scraping applications such as knives or scraper blades.  Stellite®6K is a custom rolled material and can be produced to a gauge and sheet size uniquely suited to your application.

Stellite®6K is available in flat stock ranging from 0.045" to 0.375" thick.

Click here for additional Information on Stellite®6B (AMS 5894) and Stellite®6K


Our fabricated wrought products department is skilled at cutting, press forming, roll forming and shaping these wrought materials into finished components. In house services include Waterjet cutting, Laser cutting and complete machine shop.

Typical Components

  • Sleeves and bushings
  • Knives
  • Washers
  • Scrapers
  • Erosion shields