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Metallurgical Expertise

Stellite™, Deloro™, Nistelle™, Tribaloy™ and other specialized alloys

Deloro offers its own proprietary metal alloys on Cobalt, Nickel and Iron base, that have outstanding metallurgical and physical properties, ideally suited to solve wear and corrosion problems of any kind.


Stellite™ Alloys

The cobalt-based Stellite™ alloys are our most well-known and successful alloys, with the best “all-round” properties. They combine excellent mechanical wear resistance, especially at high temperatures, with very good corrosion resistance. The alloy system Co-Cr-W(Mo)-C is generally very resistant to cavitation, corrosion, erosion, abrasion and galling. The lower carbon alloys are generally recommended for cavitation, sliding wear or moderate galling conditions. The higher carbon alloys are usually selected for protection against abrasion, severe galling, or low-angle erosion. Stellite™ 6 is our most popular alloy as it provides a good balance of all these characteristics. The Stellite™ alloys retain their properties at high temperatures where they also show excellent oxidation resistance. They are typically used in the temperature range of 300 - 800 °C. They can be machined to exceptional levels of surface finish with low coefficients of friction in various tribological systems.

Deloro™ Alloys

Deloro™ alloys are nickel-based and are usually designed within the Ni-Cr-B-Si system. They cover a wide range of hardness from relatively soft, tough, build-up alloys that are easily machinable to exceptionally hard, wear-resistant alloys. They can be chosen within a hardness range of approximately 20 to 60 HRC depending on the application. The lower hardness Deloro™ alloys are, among others, typically used for glass forming molds. The higher hardness Deloro™ alloys are used in severe wear applications and they can even be blended with carbides for maximum hardness. They maintain their properties up to temperatures of about 700 °C and offer good oxidation resistance.

Tribaloy™ Alloys

Tribaloy™ alloys, with either cobalt or nickel base, are developed for applications in which extreme wear is combined with high temperatures and corrosive media. Their high molybdenum content accounts for the excellent dry-running properties of Tribaloy™ alloys and make them very suitable for use in adhesive (metal-to-metal) wear situations. Tribaloy™ alloys can be used up to 800 - 1000 °C.

Nistelle™ Alloys

Nistelle™ alloys are designed for corrosion resistance rather than wear resistance, particularly in aggressive chemical environments where their high chromium and molybdenum contents provide excellent pitting resistance. This family of alloys is also generally resistant to high-temperature oxidation and hot gas corrosion.

Stelcar™ Alloys

Stelcar™ alloys are composite alloys with varying contents of carbides in Cobalt- and Nickel-based matrices. These hardfacing alloys are designed for extremely abrasive and erosive environments.

Delcrome™ Alloys

Iron-based Delcrome™ alloys are developed to resist abrasive wear at lower temperatures, typically up to 200 ºC. When compared to our cobalt- and nickel-based alloys, their corrosion resistance is fairly low.

Jet Kote™ Powder

Jet Kote™ powders are used for thermal spraying and they usually consist of either a carbide-metal combination (e.g., WC-Co or Cr3C2-NiCr) or a Stellite™ alloy.


Our material portfolio is further enhanced by customized modifications of established alloys in order to offer solutions for specific customer needs and applications.

Our Materials Technology Team works continuously on modifying our alloys and developing new ones to sustain and expand our material solutions, which increase your efficiency.


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