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Metallurgical Expertise

Stellite™, Deloro™, Nistelle™, Tribaloy™ and other specialized alloys

We provide products and services to businesses in a variety of different industries where problems with wear (heat, abrasion, corrosion, erosion and galling) in products that often operate in harsh conditions give rise to shortened working life, high maintenance cost and high downtime.

Deloro offers its own proprietary metal alloys from Cobalt and Nickel and which have outstanding metallurgical and physical properties which are ideally suited to solving these wear problems.

Backed up by a substantial product knowledge, these sophisticated alloys are produced and then converted via a number of processes into materials (powder, wires, rods & electrodes) that are mostly used by our clients offsite, or into customer-designed components (usually cast) which may also be finished in our own machine shops and generally form a small, but critical part of the customers’ own product.

Stellite™ Alloys

Cobalt-based Stellite™ alloys are historically known for their excellent corrosion and wear resistance. The Stellite™ family, with more than 20 members, covers a wide range of applications, where the combination between high temperature wear and corrosion resistance is required. If you are looking for a superb variety of abrasion, sliding, galling, and erosion resistance at room and elevated temperatures (up to 800ºC) accompanied with great corrosion resistance, the Stellite™ family can fulfill your needs.
The main alloying elements in Stellites™ are Co, Cr, Mo, W, and C. Each Stellite™ alloy has a unique property based on the chemical composition and processing technique, which makes it special. Stellites™ are defined as ‘’ Hard materials’’, where the toughness and ductility are absent, except in the solid solution alloys such as Stellite™ 21.
Stellites™ are found in the form of cast alloys, hardfacings, cladding powder and hippings.

700 Series™ Alloys

In these Cobalt-based alloys Chromium and Molybdenum substitute Tungsten and they are strengthened by hard carbides. They offer good wear resistance with superior corrosion resistance in reducing environments such as hydrochloric, phosphoric, and naphthenic acids.

Deloro™ & Nistelle™ Alloys

Nickel-based Deloro™ hard alloys when the good mechanical and electronic properties are jointed together with the good corrosion and oxidation resistance, then Deloro™ Nickel based alloys are the solution beside the conventional Nistelle™ alloys. Their chemical composition varies with different percentage of Ni, Cr, B or Si corresponding to complex microstructure. Nickel-based Deloro™ are relatively less expensive than cobalt-based alloys. However, they possess good high-temperature strength and toughness, but they are limited to be used up to 600℃.

Tribaloy™ Alloys

Either Cobalt- or Nickel-based Tribaloys™ are designed based on hard inter-metallic laves phase and γ-Matrix. They are well-known for in Automotive industry, thanks to their outstanding oxidation resistance and Laves phase stability up to 1200℃. They are characterized by high-temperature wear and hot gas corrosion. The self-lubrication ability offered by the high Molybdenum content enables the Tribaloy to be used in applications, where lubrication is a problem or completely missing. Unfortunately, toughness and ductility are not also options here.

Additional Alloys

Stelcar™ and Super Stelcar™ alloys are composite hardfacing alloys with varying contents of carbides in Cobalt-and Nickel-based matrices. This category of alloys is designed to withstand extreme abrasive and erosive mediums. Deloro world is not only Nickel and Cobalt-based alloys but we offer also Delcrome™ Iron-based alloys with excellent wear resistance at low temperatures.


Our solutions are extended from the conventional Deloro alloy to our customized alloys either chemically by adjusting the chemical composition, or physically by heat treatment. Our commitment is to fulfill our customers need, and consequently works our Material Technology team on modifying our alloys and developing new ones to sustain our material solutions.


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