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HIP Densification Service

Densification of parts with enclosed porosity

With our Densification Service, parts with enclosed porosity can be densified under uniform high pressure and temperature. This way, we are able to achieve the highest possible density. Final inspection reveals the increase of mechanical properties.
Note: Only closed porosity can be totally eliminated.


  • Highest possible density
  • Exceptionally high static strength
  • Superior dynamic strength
  • Easily to polish
  • Defective parts can be recovered


  • Castings
  • Oxide ceramics
  • Additive manufactured parts
  • Cemented carbides
  • Fused silica
  • Metal sputter targets


Deloro HTM offers Redensification Service for cast and additive manufactured (AM) parts, e.g. cast turbocharger wheels. By this technology existing remained porosities in the casting can be suppressed, leading to enhanced service performance of these parts exposed to elevated temperature and creep load.

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