Laser Cladding

State of the Art LASER Cladding Technology from Deloro

A 5kW diode laser in combination with a robot system and turn-tilt table offer the optimal requirements for complex components for economic and high-quality cladding solutions.


The wear protected finished component including pre- and post-processing, from one source. Starting with materials management for individual parts, machining pre- and post-processing through to the assembly of the individual parts.

Component size:

  • Part length up to 2m
  • Diameter up to 1,5m
  • Weight up to 1,5t

Advantages of laser cladding:

  • Low heat input
  • Minimum deformation
  • Coating to near net shape
  • Minimum effort for automatic finishing
  • High process reliability
  • High welding speed
  • Low level of dilution

LASER Cladding:

  • Wide range of available materials
  • Highest corrosion and wear protection
  • Layer thicknesses from 0,5 mm up to several mm
  • Metallic connected layers
  • Automatic overall process
  • Automatic control of laser output