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When machining gets tough...

5 axis milling center

… Deloro gets it going, thanks to a broad range of machining options for high-performance alloys based on cobalt and nickel. These enable the reliable function of numerous components that are heavily stressed by mechanical wear, corrosion and/or high temperatures.

Due to their high hardness, dense microstructure and lower thermal conductivity, machining components made from these specialty alloys is a major and often unmanageable challenge for many companies. With a machine park of more than 130 specialized machines and highly skilled personnel, Deloro Wear Solutions in Koblenz is a leader in machining of these materials.

To always remain at the cutting edge of technology, increase productivity and expand machining capacities, investments in new machinery and equipment are made on a regular basis. In the fourth quarter of 2022, two new machining centres were installed in production halls of the Koblenz plant.

Already since mid-November, the 5-axis simultaneous milling machine of the manufacturer POS, the POSMill H 800 U, has been in operation, with which complex components can be efficiently machined. The machining table has a diameter of 800 mm and can be loaded with a maximum weight of 1,200 kg. By networking with information and communication technology, the new system takes a further step towards digitalization. Data can be made available without manual effort, components can be measured and the corresponding reports can be generated.

The next expansion of the machine park at Deloro Wear Solutions followed at the beginning of December 2022. The MC 326 Twin double-spindle milling machine from Chiron was delivered. In freezing temperatures and a light drizzle, the machining centre, which weighs about 6 tons, had to be lifted from the truck with the help of a crane before it could be placed in the production hall. The system is used for the finish machining of components for the commercial vehicle industry. The workpiece changing device allows the machine to be loaded while production continues on the other table, eliminating idle times.

For our customers, this means that they receive their components fast, with maximum precision and, of course, in compliance with specifications. In addition to the newly installed milling centres for components with different geometries and sizes, Deloro Wear Solutions has the technology and expertise for turning, grinding, honing, EDM, drilling and lapping components in various dimensions. Because Deloro finish machines parts that have also been cast or coated at the Koblenz site, customers receive ready-to-install components from a one stop shop, saving time and money.

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