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„Seeking a PTA-Machine we found a real partner!“

Find out, how the search for the third PTA machine in overall Colombia lead to the start of real technology partnership.

For almost 35 years Meticsa, a company specialized in metallization of industrial products has been delivering customized solutions to its customers. The company is situated in Bogotá, Colombia, was founded in 1988 and has recently been handed over to the next generation as a family owned business. Stephanie & Alan Tibble are now leading the company to the future of metallization.

One leap they decided to take was the invest in a PTA hardfacing machine to broaden the spectrum of services they are able to provide with their excellently trained personnel. At the time this decision was made, there were only two other PTA machines in service all over Colombia, and those were not used to their full potential. An intention to purchase one of those two and exploit their whole functionality was not successful. So they took on the search of possible providers of PTA Equipment, which lead the team to Koblenz, connecting with our technology and sales representative at Deloro Hettiger Welding Systems. The brand of the Deloro Wear Solutions GmbH is specialized in standard and tailor made equipment for powder cladding, especially Plasma powder cladding (PTA) , but also dealing with laser powder cladding.

As Meticsa was new to the process itself and was not only looking for a piece of equipment but also support and technological guidance, they were delighted to find a team dedicated to provide a customized package for their specific needs. In talks and conference calls they decided the size of machine and equipment suitable for the intended tasks…in a dialogue, not from a catalog.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic it took longer than the intended 4-5 month until the machine was finally handed over in February 2022. Stephanie and her team joined the colleagues from Deloro in Koblenz to get acquainted with the equipment and prepared for the initiation in Bogotá. „Equipped“ with a machine and plenty of exchanged lessons learned and contacts to consult, the Meticsa team headed back to Colombia. Despite the fact that Deloro’s Remote Assistance service, that helps with urgent issues and support needs, was indeed a reason for Meticsa to go with our basic line, the personal transfer of knowledge builds the solid base for a sustainable partnership of both companies.

“We were looking for a Machine and we found a partner“ said Stephanie during her visit and refers to the fact that both companies are much more alike than thought before. Both are present in niches that require specific knowhow and competences and excel when solutions “off the rack“ are no longer sufficient. ”We purchased a machine but we know that if we need support with technology, materials or finish machining of our customers parts we will have a competent ally to turn to, now, but also in the future. “

And for Deloro it is just the same: “Happy customers are not the ones who receive a product for the best price…they are those who ask for more because they are convinced, what they buy will make them better.“

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