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IGNITION! - The Deloro HVOF-Shuttle Service

There are things in life that need time! A good, Italian Parmiggiano likes to rest its 24 months, a Montepulciano 3 years - and that is also good! These things actually only get better with time and we like to wait for them accordingly!

But there are also things that simply have to happen without delay - for example, in the industries that manufacture such and other great everyday products. If a worn component fails in production, the machine comes to a standstill in the worst case. Often this happens - "Murphy's Law" says hello! - at the worst possible moment, when all buffer times have already been largely used up. From now on, one thing counts above all: SPEED, in order to be able to start up again as quickly as possible!

Deloro has successfully offered its SHUTTLE service for wear-resistant HVOF coatings for 10 years, ensuring the efficiency of selected series customers!

Deloro offers this speed and combines it together with precision, reliability & teamwork in its shuttle service for coatings in the HVOF process. Worn series components are registered by the customer, transferred "just in sequence" to Deloro's agile production process and then delivered back to the customer's assembly site by courier. From goods issue to goods receipt at the customer's premises it takes just 5 working days!

"We choose to (...) do the (...) things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept."

J. F. Kennedy, 1962

To ensure that this works so smoothly, Deloro operates with a "state of the art" production planning and control system. As soon as the component arrives at Deloro, it is in motion almost non-stop! The idle time between the individual operations is no more than 1 hour. Each operation is completed within half a day and the quality is continuously checked and documented in parallel with the process.

The responsible Customer Service employee provides information on progress during order execution and is available as a contact person at any time if required.

For our customers the advantages are obvious

We are there for you! Whatever project you are responsible for: With Deloro, you have a reliable partner on hand to ensure that your forehead remains free of sweat. A team that reacts quickly, synchronizes the production process with your urgent needs, and is highly flexible to changes on your part. The well-known, consistently high Deloro quality you receive exactly when and where it is needed! A physical incoming goods inspection may even be unnecessary in certain cases, because the documentation of our quality assurance measures is provided digitally in advance, even while the component is still on its way to you. This saves valuable time!

Deloro sees its clients not just as customers and itself not just as a supplier, but both as partners who work together responsibly to find the best solution to every challenge...again and again, for the long term.

Author: Sascha Hannappel, 18.11.2022

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