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Congratulations! Lea graduates as an industrial mechanic!

Lea with „her team“ ltr: Matthias Hejl (Locksmith), Jahn Thomas Fix (Electrician), Ronny Albinus (Locksmith), Michael Fischer (Locksmith), Lea Weyer (Industrial Mechanic), Andreas Galgon (Electrician), Fabienne Borutha (Apprentice 3rd year), Patrick Flechsig (Electrician), Maik Meurer (Facility Manager), Oliver Wierz (Head of Maintenance) not in the picture: Jens Tholl (Supervisor)

Last Wednesday, Lea Weyer successfully completed her apprenticeship at Deloro.

3 ½ years ago, Lea started her apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic at Deloro.  Having already completed her training as a warehouse logistics specialist and ambitious to tackle another apprenticeship, she heard about Deloro through her mother and beat out several other applicants in a 3-day internship. The actual target area was the welding shop, i.e. the production of wear-resistant coatings by means of PTA, HVOF or laser powder deposition welding...but things turned out differently.

The multifaceted training plan, with which Deloro always wants to familiarize each trainee with the entire company, provided a start in the maintenance department. Here, the experienced team takes care of the commissioning, maintenance and continuous improvement of the company's infrastructure, in particular the equipment park comprising over 100 processing machines. For Lea, it was love at first sight. The varied work and the ever-helpful team of experienced colleagues excited her from day one. When the stage in the target department began, it quickly became clear to her that although many fascinating activities awaited her here as well, her heart already beat for maintenance.  Lea worked with great dedication in all stages of her apprenticeship and was always willing to get active beyond her actual area of responsibility. Whether it was shooting the apprentice film, working in the company's social media team or helping to move the archive into the building next door, Lea was happy to lend a hand... literally. 

So her colleagues were happy to meet her request when a position in maintenance actually became available. Lea is now highly motivated to continue her work in maintenance as a trained industrial mechanic. She is particularly looking forward to the full salary, whereby "the trainee salary at Deloro is really something to be proud of." 

Asked what has shaped her most during her apprenticeship, Lea says: "When I got there, you were welcomed right away and even in just 3 days of internship you had a very good insight. My colleagues are always friendly, helpful and eager to teach me something. They also took the time to explain things and despite all the explanations, we always got on well with our work. Great praise for the company: here, even as a apprentice, you are treated like a colleague: there is no such thing as "the apprentice can do it". Of course, there were also typical beginners tasks that you were given, such as carrying files, but that happened rarely. You are listened to and you can give each other advice, which is honestly appreciated. Deloro is just a real team!"
A team of teams to be precise, because the range of activities and professions with which one can become active at Deloro is enormously diverse: The company includes, among other things, conventional foundry & investment casting, machining, plant engineering, production planning, CNC programming, IT, welding, purchasing, laboratory, materials technology, quality assurance, accounting, HR, sales, marketing & communications and warehouse. 

In addition to becoming an industrial mechanic, 8 other apprenticeships are also available: foundry mechanic, electronic technician, warehouse logistics specialist, machining mechanic, industrial clerk, IT specialist, bachelor of engineering in mechanical engineering and, most recently, technical product designer specializing in product design and construction.

"Her team" expressed their heartfelt thanks for her tireless efforts and surprised her with a large bouquet of flowers in her favorite color, red. Everyone is happy that Lea will now just keep doing what she enjoys most...making sure "the plant runs smoothly" with her colleagues.