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Does size matter?

Don’t make an elephant out of a moskito! This german saying implies that something is blown out of proportion. At Deloro we do not make elephants out of moskitos... we simply produce both out of wear resistant materials! Not literally of course but in fact we do indeed produce parts that vary in size and lotsize as greatly as those two extremely different animals.

We manufacture parts like rings and valves that can only be operated by heavy machinery and are for example crucial parts of powerplants. Those are often singular parts, which you have to get perfect in one shot. It takes planning and preparation and lots of expertise and experience to get the job done. Superb quality is key as the responsibility that lies on these parts is as huge…just like an elephant. 

In contrast to that, a cast washer out of Tribaloy® T400 for an EGR appliance in trucks is smaller than a €-coin. If you drop it, you could have a hard time finding it. Although so small, it ensures that the appliance runs correctly for millions of miles.

We produce and sell hundreds of thousands each year in lots of varieties and every single one has to be 100% reliable. To ensure this, quality control processes are implemented every step of the way. Optical processes and help us in with that and of course the trained eyes of our employees.

Deloro alloys are very powerful and provide resistance where it is needed. We have multiple ways of avoiding corrosion and wear. Several inhouse casting and machining processes bring our alloys in your desired form. With HVOF-coatings, Laser & PTA claddings for example you can add resistance just where it is needed.

Quality and reliability of our solutions is not just nice to have, it is essential. That’s why it is crucial to be in charge of our processes, control and monitor them closely and ensure that every single part that leaves a Deloro facility will be exactly what is expected, promised and paid for. Sustainable solutions, that last a lifetime with consistent & reliable quality is “Deloro at the core”. Precision machining of challenging materials is one of our core competencies. Our machine park of more than 130 machining tools enables us to provide the whole fabrication process of a product, from primary shaping, working over machining just until finishing…we can enter at any step or just provide it all the way.

Still wondering, if Deloro could handle your size? Take a look at our capabilities and be assured that - even beyond that - our specialists are very eager not to let size be a problem.

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