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Meet the smallest kid of our family - our Basic Line Micro!

When you literally - and figuratively - “deal” with wear and corrosion resistant alloys, components and coatings on a daily basis, it is only natural that you strive to provide the best equipment to do so as well - meet the smallest kid of our family: Basic Line Micro!

A special modification of our Standard Basic Line is  the Basic Line Micro, designed for hard facing tasks in aircraft engine and gas turbine manufacturing …but it is applicable not only there.

A feature of this unique equipment is that it is able to consistently produce a plasma arc at a current of 5 ampere, without interruptions, extinctions, and other problems  associated with  low currents. In addition to micro-currents, it also provides a precision micro-feed of powder from 1 g / min in increments of 1 gram.

Applications, where a delicate heat transfers and a distinct level of dilution with the matrix materials are still believed to require Laser equipment are the tasks where our Basic Line Micro excels! And it does so with all the positive aspects of the PTA  process e.g. the smooth solidification of the surfacing bath. This gives us – and you -  the opportunity to operate with heat-resistant alloys, as well as with alloys prone to hot cracks.

Electronic flow meters of gas flow, which are adjustable from the touch control panel, allow you to obtain with absolute accuracy exactly the values that you need, and the open settings of these parameters make it possible to modify the shape of the surfacing bath, changing the depth of penetration.

The Device Basic Line Micro can be equipped with a special plasma torch for micro-surfacing and more powerful for more standard  PTA-tasks. It is easily integratable in any already existing Technology and of course offers our remote connection for Service. Which hardfacing technology and equipment do you use and what are the challenges you need to overcome? We grow with your demands and provide tailored solutions and services to protect and enhance your precious tools and parts!

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