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Sucessful recertifications for Deloro Microfusione


Do you have investment casting parts or additively manufactured titanium parts with manufacturing-related defects or porosity that you want to eliminate?

The Deloro HTM expanding their range in the Redensification-Service of metallic components on Hot Isotatic Pressing (HIP) and offering new monthly titanium-sheared-cycle.

Oberbürgermeister David Langner zu Gast bei Deloro Wear Solutions

We are successfully completing the first 3-year UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.


Despite the challenges faced during these unusual and difficult times, Deloro Hettiger / Deloro Wear Solutions, Koblenz continue

The Deloro Microfusione Team is proud to announce the successful qualification of four new precision castings for GE Power.

We completed the four developments concurrently - two of which are cored - within The agreed timeframe


After a long negotiation started back in 2019, Deloro Microfusione successfully achieved an agreement with Doosan Heavy Industries for production of gas turbine components for new large-class turbine under development.


Ein großes Dankeschön an das gesamte Team!