Deloro Additive – Printing of cobalt-based alloys using Metal Binder Jetting

Additive Manufacturing of Deloro alloys opens the door for new possibilities and solutions for our customer's critical requirements.

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM in Bremen (Germany), Deloro developed the printing and sintering parameters for cobalt-based alloys produced by the Metal Binder Jetting Process. Thanks to the developed parameter-set, it was ultimately possible to print the prototypes from the Deloro alloys. In addition to the feasibility study, the tensile, wear, and corrosion properties of Deloro additive manufactured alloys were investigated. Preliminary tests show an outstanding performance compared to the conventional production of these alloys. The second phase of our investigations to determine geometric boundaries and to qualify the materials for customer components have already started, and soon you could get your critical parts additive manufactured in your Deloro trustable quality.


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