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„Additive Manufacturing of Stellites - AMStel“

Research Cooperation between MPA-IfW Darmstadt and Deloro Wear Solutions GmbH

Following a 30-month research collaboration at the Center for Construction Materials in the Surface Technology Department, the potential of additive manufacturing as a fabrication method of high corrosion and wear-resistant components is being investigated. According to this cooperation, Deloro Wear Solutions GmbH provides different cobalt-based alloys (StelliteTM 6, StelliteTM 21 and TribaloyTM T400) using innovative additive manufacturing technologies such as Laser Powder Bed Fusion and Metal Binder Jetting. Moreover, other conventional welding technologies, such as laser or plasma powder cladding, were used for technology-comparison purposes. MPA-IFW conducts the corrosion and tribological characterizations on the provided samples using standardized and specially developed test methods. Comparing the properties of conventionally produced alloys by investment casting, it is possible to estimate the performance and the research needs for cobalt-base alloys additive manufacturing.