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Additive Manufacturing of Deloro alloys opens the door for new possibilities and solutions for our customer's critical requirements.

You are invited to the live Web Seminar of Deloro Hettiger free of charge.

Date Time: June 24, 2021 11:00 – 12:00 AM CET

Online factory support for your Deloro Hettiger Welding equipment in realtime

Interview with Technical Director Christiano Azzolini, Deloro Microfusione

The first company van with Deloro message!

Let's move it.

Sucessful recertifications for Deloro Microfusione


Do you have investment casting parts or additively manufactured titanium parts with manufacturing-related defects or porosity that you want to eliminate?

The Deloro HTM expanding their range in the Redensification-Service of metallic components on Hot Isotatic Pressing (HIP) and offering new monthly titanium-sheared-cycle.

Oberbürgermeister David Langner zu Gast bei Deloro Wear Solutions

We are successfully completing the first 3-year UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.


Despite the challenges faced during these unusual and difficult times, Deloro Hettiger / Deloro Wear Solutions, Koblenz continue